15 Years of Experience

In 1998, Raymond Hajj laid the first stone of Raymond Hajj Contractors Company in Bkaatouta, Keserwan.

Raymond Hajj Contractors Company provides construction /contracting services and handles your project from start to finish. Our team's dedication to offer top quality services soon allowed the company to expand operations throughout Lebanon and to establish two other branches in Achkout and Fakra.

The company has a class A classification in buildings and roads at the ministry of public works & transport and a class A classification in the Lebanese Ministry of energy and water.

We don't settle for less than perfect.

Our corporate office includes a team of nearly 350 experienced and diligent workers and our culture and the close relationships we have with our clients and employees are key to our success.

We are experts in buildings and infrastructure projects, the company supplies aggregates and building material throughout Lebanon and the company owns a leading ready mix concrete plant.

The company has always been a leader in its field, and this is because of the hard work and dedication of everyone in the RAYMOND HAJJ CONTRACTORS family. One of the things that has helped make this happen is the unique culture that the company has maintained over the years. This culture is characterized by a high level of industriousness, loyalty, and dedication. Additionally, the RAYMOND HAJJ CONTRACTORS family is very compassionate, which is a very important part of their culture.

The strong cultural values that our family brought to our company helped it stay strong even during tough times, while the relationships with other companies remained healthy.

RAYMOND HAJJ CONTRACTORS has a set of values that are the foundation for how it behaves as an organization. These values are unique to RAYMOND HAJJ CONTRACTORS and help to shape the culture of the company.

The company follows these values in order to show long-term commitment, and because they are important to RAYMOND HAJJ CONTRACTORS, they have a positive impact on everything the company does. RAYMOND HAJJ CONTRACTORS's values include caring about people and the environment, being sensitive to others, and being responsible in all aspects of its operations.

These values are fundamental to the way RAYMOND HAJJ CONTRACTORS behaves and they help to create a positive culture that is important to the company.



The batch plant of our company Raymond Hajj Contractors has modern, computer controlled with a capacity of approximately 200 cubic meters per hour.

At each stage of production strict quality control procedures are applied. All the incoming raw materials are tested and checked for chemical and physical properties in our laboratory. Further laboratory tests are carried out at regular intervals at Machaalany laboratories. The computer controlled weighing systems for aggregates and additives are checked and calibrated frequently as per the relevant standards and fully comply with international weights and measures regulations. All Raymond hajj Contractors products meet relevant ASTM standards.

The Cement being used in concrete are procured from Cimenterie Nationale, and the admixtures are procured from ARACO Construction Chemicals division, are tested and approved by consultants and local laboratory.